Selections from Mountain Days: The John Muir Musical In Concert – Original Cast Recording *Then Listen to CD (After Finale)

1. Overture  

2. Come Away

3. The Thousand Mile Walk

4. San Francisco

5. Climb The Mountains

6. On My Mind

7. Altitude

8. Political Waltz

9. Love is Knowing When to Let You Go

10. Ordinary Things

11. A Valley Has a Soul

12. Ghosts

13. Climb The Mountains – Finale



Come Away

Curious Machines

Every Now and Then

Blinding Scene

In The Dark

1000 Mile Walk

San Francisco Scene Change

San Francisco

San Francisco Playoffs

Climb the Mountains

What a Lark

Scene Change to Jean Carr’s Home

Louie’s Entrance


Transition to Hang Nest

The Women’s Still on My Mind


Love’s in Bloom

Intro to Political Waltz

The Political Waltz

Love is Knowing When to Let You Go


Tchaikovsky Concerto

Ordinary Things

Transition to Louie’s Death

Louie’s Death

A Valley Has a Soul

Finale (Ghosts) – Climb the Mountains

Reprise of Climb the Mountains