Video Games Live™ Concert a Big Hit

Shot of audience at the Orpheum Theatre taken with Tommy Tallarico's cell phone

The Video Games Live™ concert on March 8 & 9, 2014 brought nearly 1,800 concert attendees to their feet in standing ovations for both performances. Shouts, cheers and applause greeted the performers as the audience reveled in the special effects, video game footage, and explosions of light that accompanied the musical set. Dynamic VGL host and creator Tommy Tallarico kept the audience rapt with guitar playing and humor, and the costume show climaxed with the audience anointing the winner with enthusiastic applause.

This concert included 19 of the most energetic and powerful video game sets, including Castlevania, Metal Gear Solid, Destiny, Dota 2, Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Sonic, Pokemon, Mario, Skyrim and the Halo Trilogy Suite. Pre-show Guitar Hero competition winners played the game on stage to Foo Fighter’s The Pretender as Tommy played guitar. This was a unique and memorable experience for performers and audience alike as guests themselves became part of the video games.

Many thanks are due to the volunteers who helped make this concert a reality, to Dr. Adam Stich for prepping the orchestra and chorale in the weeks before the show, to the performers who undertook the challenge, and of course to the audience. In all, it was an amazing experience and did fulfill its commitment to bring music and excitement to people of all ages.  One parent commented, “What a great experience. Great show for kids through adults.” And if Facebook posts are any indication, audience members were thrilled with the production.

Video Games Live was sponsored by the Outlets at Anthem and the Microsoft Store. ProMusica Arizona is also grateful to advertisers Andrew Z Diamonds and Fine Jewelry, Cruise Planners, Ryan Companies and Daisy Mountain Dentistry.